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Here at House of Beautiful Gardens (HOBG), we are committed to paving the way for a sustainable future, by increasing plant diversity and creating access to member-owned forests.  We believe by making smart decisions today we experience a more vibrant tomorrow. 
Founded in 2018 by Dr Ayse Mizan, a clinical psychologist and avid environmentalist.  Through her work and personal life, Dr Mizan has seen the healing power of immersing oneself in nature through mindful exploration.  As a psychologist, she is uniquely aware of the significant benefits of nature on health and wellbeing.  Dr Mizan's knowledge of plants and love of nature started in childhood when she regularly accompanied her grandparents to their olive groves in Izmir, Turkey and her passion for the environment has remained with her to date.  
House of Beautiful Gardens was born with a vision to create a place of tranquillity and harmony for individuals, families and friends, through the Millennial Forest Initiative (MFI).  The HOBG team, together bring 40 years of experience and knowledge base in the nursery industry.
When you shop with House of Beautiful Gardens, you're helping to fund the MFI.  To show our appreciation, we have made it easier to accumulate reward points to provide our customers with additional tiered discounts. 
To contact us directly, please use the online contact form and a staff member will respond as soon as possible.
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